Jan Eric Kvarnström

Change Manager

Because of the risks attached to making structural changes, managers are often tempted to put off necessary restructuring until it is too late. Another impeding factor might be lack of experience in handling certain specific situations requiring sophisticated processes. Bringing in professional help from the outside, possessing the specific required experience and the ability to act decisively can therefore be a major advantage. Managing a restructuring or setting up a “bad bank” is a complex task that carries a heavy responsibility. It calls for managers who can act consistently and make the necessary decisions.

Member of a Supervisory Board

In running or overseeing a business, experience and know-how is certainly essential. Equally important, however, is a sense of responsibility and fairness. Serving in board positions, one needs to be constantly aware of the responsibility towards both employees, shareholders and society. Whenever working with an Executive Board to develop a company’s business, in addition to contacts, knowledge and experience such a sense of responsibility is an equally important asset.

Senior Advisor and sparring partner

To have had the experience of running and restructuring companies and corporate groups over many years, especially turn-around cases, is a very specific skill set. Acting as Senior Advisor, this wealth of executive experience, coupled with an extensive network of contacts, translates to a contribution of new perspectives and solutions in the role of a “sparring partner” to senior management.


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